Along with community college, a career counseling center for career guidance of the students has also been established in this institution to develop liaison with the industries to get jobs for the passing out students. It is to ensure that no students should be jobless after getting this associate degree accordingly.

Education is not what you learn , it is what you do with what you learn. Progress towards opportunities to learn in a setting designed for higher education, takes a giant step forward. The college and the community will have an institution of  higher learning to be proud of in the future. Govt college civil lines Multan this alma mater right now is the highest provider of higher education as well as technical know-how and life skills in this region. Community College is the best key/tool to beat the long term unemployment problems. Strong community college programs can ensure that the state has the skilled worker trained for the jobs of future immensely.

The concept of community college is based on:

  1. Training for self-employment
  2. Eligibility for employment
  3. Profession and technical education
  4. Formation of responsible citizen
  5. Community college is of the community, for the community
  6. The community college is system is to earn their education for livelihood
  7. Making students fit for life and fit for job
  8. Empowerment through skill development
  9. Job –oriented-market-oriented-work related skill based and life coping education
  10. Responsive to local employment needs and social needs
  11. Collective community efforts with industrial partnership leading to gainful employment

In short, if you are determined to achieve these goals we are here ready to show you the ways genuinely. Napoleon Hills says, “ whatever mind of a person can conceive and believe, it can achieve”.

Initially following two years associate degree programs have been started in this institution given below:

  • Information technology ( network and web technology)
  • Commerce ( finance and accounting )
  • Mass communication
Ali Ammar

Ali Ammar
Assistant Professor (English)
Assistant Coordinator (Community Colleges Project)

Mr. Ali Ammar is Assistant Professor of English, Program Coordinator of Community Colleges Project, Assistant Coordinator of Career Counseling Center established by Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) Punjab at Government College Civil Lines Multan. He has done his M.Phil from Air University Islamabad and has over 12 years of teaching experience in different universities and colleges.